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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Digital Marketing Conference

posted May 17, 2017, 5:50 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 17, 2017, 8:24 AM by Unknown user ]
Reasons to attend a Digital Marketing conference

Whether you are actively searching for a job, you are in a job but are getting bored, or just want to keep an eye out - there is always more you can do to improve your employability for the future. Attending a digital marketing conference is always a step in the right direction to broaden your skills, knowledge, contacts and capabilities in the industry.

So, here are 5 undeniable reasons why you need to attend an SEO / Digital Marketing event in London, this year.

1. Broaden Your Pool of Knowledge

At a conference, you will be exposed to a variety of like-minded individuals who (because of their different experiences and challenges) will have acquired different skills to you, offering you a wealth of information and opportunity to share and learn from. They might be in the same industry as you, share the same job role role or perhaps completely unrelated to your field of work – you still have an opportunity to hear what they have learnt and what you can learn from them.

Not only will you have the chance to learn from fellow attendees, but you will also have the opportunity to learn from industry expert speakers. Speakers specialize in their area of expertise and come ready to share their top tactics and functional methods with you. A conference which sponsors every year, is UnGagged - a unique unconvention that offers attendees untouched content from the speakers, due to the strict no-recording rule. No stone will go unturned, these speakers will debunk the internet marketing industry myths.

These speakers are experts in the field, meaning whatever these speakers decide to reveal, is bound to aid you in your everyday work.

2. Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Feeling a bit stuck in a rut? Is your office becoming a little stifling? That’s when you know you need to get out. A change in scenery and environment can trigger new perspectives and insights on problems you faced in the office but couldn’t overcome. Whilst participating in speaker sessions, learning the insider routes and steps experts have taken, and daring to ask those questions that have bothered you for some time is greatly rewarding - it can be just as beneficial to engage in casual discussions with fellow attendees outside of the sessions. Meeting like-minded individuals who perhaps share your work-related problems or maybe they don’t, whatever it is everyone a problem with a different solution - thus inspiring you to approach the same issues you have been struggling with, with an alternative viewpoint - benefiting your boss and every other colleague you’ve complained to!

3. Keep Up With The Developments in the Digital World

A good way to check out what topics are the hottest talking points in the industry, is to take a look at the agenda for an upcoming conference. Check out the differing agendas for UnGaged in both London and Las Vegas, to see which event is focusing more on the topics you want to hear. Whether you’ve attended a conference in the past 6 months or not, there is already something new to learn. You will have the choice of multiple speaker tracks covering many topics of the industry, enabling you to choose whatever sessions are relevant to you.

Whether you’re new to this or are in charge of the digital marketing operations of a company, a masterclass is another fantastic opportunity for anyone to engage in. A Masterclass is an intense learning experience, styled for attendees to engage in a focused group held by some of the best professionals in the industry, offering their personal advice and step by step methods to attendees; one on one.

4. Expand Your Network

As we all know, it’s always better to talk to someone face to face. That’s why the best way to build your network and expand your contacts is by meeting people at conferences. Let’s be honest, where else are you going to get a captured audience of like-minded people for you to target? This is your chance to meet decision-makers that are just as eager to conduct business with you, as you are with them.

5. Have Fun!

At the end of the day, why do anything that doesn’t make you happy? Attend a conference for the fun of it - the possibilities of meeting that sought after contact in that fantastic company, or learning how to use the latest tool in SEO to add to your resume - whatever your reason, you can’t progress if you don’t try.