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Dot London: A cool and effective way to identify London-based businesses

posted Feb 2, 2017, 2:46 AM by Unknown user   [ updated May 5, 2017, 9:58 AM by Unknown user ]
London-based businesses
Earlier this year, domain name industry blog TheDomains reported that the Dot London domain was the 13th most commonly registered generic top-level domain, according to statistics from As we noted in a recent article on gTLDs, domain names are a great way for businesses to express information about themselves, from enterprise type to region of focus. This ultimately makes websites readily identifiable, giving them a valuable edge over the competition.

What are the advantages of registering a London-specific domain name?

As outlined by Domains.London, registering for a Dot London domain name offers numerous benefits. These include:
  • Being memorable: A site with an out-of-the-ordinary suffix will tend to separate itself from the pack of Web addresses that end in .com, .org, .net and the like, meaning it’s more likely to stick in people’s minds.
  • Establishing a direct association: The London brand carries considerable weight, which means sites with a Dot London domain can piggyback off that prestige.
  • Sending a message: Londoners or others interested in individuals or organizations based in the city will immediately be able to tell that a site is relevant to their needs.
“Although gTLDs are rising in popularity, they have not yet peaked.”

Although gTLDs are rising in popularity – registrations exceeded 5 million for the first time earlier this year, TheDomains reported – they have not yet reached critical mass. What does this mean for people and companies considering jumping on the Dot London bandwagon? In short, the time to do so is now, as gTLDs still have a novelty factor that may prompt individuals to do a double-take when they see a Dot London domain name.