Candidate Services

We Understand Your Individual Needs

By sticking to our philosophy of “recruitment by SEOs, for SEOs” - our recruitment consultants can offer you a unique service, by utilising their personal experience gained from working within the industry for over 20 years, and reach out to their extensive network of key contacts to provide candidates with the best suited job positions in London.

How do we achieve this?

By knowing the industry; knowing what you are looking for, what to avoid, and caring about what is needed to not only fulfill, but exceed your requirements.

Firstly, we put the effort in to get to know you, your values and what you want out of your job; before we start to look for suitable job positions. From there, we utilise our extensive network of high caliber contacts within the industry, to source a collection of companies that match your requirements, and are looking for candidates to fill the job position you want. We take the time to meet with you, and meet with the company to ensure there is a coherent set of requirements and values, ensuring that we decide on the best outcome for both parties involved.

Once we have offered you with one or a couple of possible job positions that we believe are exactly what you’re looking for, we don’t just leave you to it - instead, we support you with our 100 day guarantee to ensure you’re happy with your new position and company.

Expect a personalized, unique and bespoke recruitment service - that only SEOs themselves could deliver.

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